Skillshare is a 135 person company.

As a company that operated in co-located spaces with remote-friendly principles prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Skillshare decided to leverage remote work as a business strategy long-term and become 100% remote. With a culture and operation that was primed for remote work, Skillshare sought support for best practice, resource creation, and validation that their practices were sustainable for long-term success of the business and employees.

What we did

We conducted an analysis of Skillshare’s current virtual operations across Distribute’s six pillars for virtual success (Workforce, Workplace, Infrastructure, Culture, Management, Compliance) to identify areas of strength, risk, and opportunity. After analysis, we supported resource creation for a Remote Policy and Employee Handbook, assisted in virtual culture development, and delivered leadership training. 

What was the outcome?

Through Distribute analysis and support in resource creation, Skillshare was deemed to have a low-level of risk for long-term adoption, strongly positioning them for sustainability of remote work. We validated the great work that had already been done by the Skillshare team and helped translate a strong company culture that had previously been proximity based, into one built on location-irrelevance. 


"The Distribute Consulting team made thinking about the long-term transition to remote work digestible and exciting rather than intimidating -- it's no small feat. Megan Dilley was our lead consultant, and she is a phenomenal collaborator who strikes the right balance between offering suggestions and guiding you towards your own values-aligned solutions. The Skillshare team will be able to feel the impact of the partnership for many years to come."

- Skillshare

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