Vistaprint and Cimpress are a 11,000 person company.

Prompted by the coronavirus pandemic, Vistaprint decided in August 2020 to permanently shift to a remote-first workplace model, but needed an asynchronous resource to guide their staff through the transition.

What we did

To equip and educate Vistaprint's new remote-first workforce, Distribute collaborated with the change management team to produce the framework and copywriting for the kickoff version of the company's new digital handbook. Content includes explanations of the protocol, workflow, policy, and performance expectation updates relevant to the transition.

What was the outcome?

The digital handbook is now a critical source of truth to store and facilitate the information necessary to Vistaprint's employees, enabling the organization to fulfill the original objective set by CEO, Robert Keane: "Make how and where we work a towering strength of our culture and a competitive advantage."


“The Distribute team are fantastic and generous expert consultants with the resources around them to get a project moving quickly.”"

- Vistaprint

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