Hiring & Onboarding

Ready to build a talent acquisition strategy for the world of remote work that goes beyond virtual interviewing and hiring? We’ll help you construct a winning plan.

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Hiring & Onboarding

More than simply taking your hiring and onboarding process online, the question of where you’ll hire and employ people from is an important one with many implications for your organization. Leveraging remote and hybrid work to open your talent pool, and increase diversity is becoming the new global standard. 

Head of Remote

Committing to a remote-first strategy and ready to staff your team to support your objectives? We’ll help you find your very own industry leading Head of Remote. 

What is a Head of Remote? 
The Head of Remote has various functions and responsibilities, depending on your organization’s work model and marketing objectives. Read our white paper detailing the Head of Remote role for more insight and information.  

How does the Head of Remote impact the success of a remote work model? 
If you are a hybrid or remote-first organization, it’s imperative to have a dedicated role to maintain and evolve your practices to help ensure long-term success from both an employee experience and brand perspective. 

How Distribute can help: 
We’ll assess your current hiring tools and methods, and collaborate to put a custom hiring plan in place to meet your objectives. From funnel optimization to template creation for hiring committees, we’ll help you leverage remote talent.

Hiring & Onboarding Resources: 
White Paper in Collaboration with Remote.com: Do You Need a Head of Remote?

Article: Does Your Company Need a Head of Remote?  

Let’s work together to make hybrid & remote work, work for your organization. 

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