DIGITAL handbooks

Living in a sea of documents and resources, without a single source of information? We’ll help you construct your essential Digital Handbook. 

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What is a Digital Handbook?  
Digital Handbooks, previously known as Employee Handbooks, is the critical single source of truth that consolidates all knowledge management and equips your team to independently find answers and resources for the operations of your remote and hybrid organization. From your Remote Work Policy and Communication Charter, to individual team workflow documentation, your Digital Handbook is the gateway to everything.  

How do Digital Handbooks impact the success of a remote work model? 
Digital Handbooks are the key to empowering self-managed teams, ensuring that team members can get information and questions answered whenever and wherever they are working. Gone are the days of policies and procedures living in dusty binders on shelves that nobody accesses, here are the days of living, breathing, resources that people actually use. 

How Distribute can help:
We’ll guide your organization through the analysis, creation, adoption, and optimization phases for your Digital Handbook to support operational efficiency. From identifying gaps in current resources, to supporting new content creation, we’re here for you. 

Digital Handbook Resources: 
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Let’s work together to make hybrid & remote work, work for your organization. 

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