Flexibility Policies

Do you need to update your HR and operational policies to comply with remote work standards and regulation? We’ll analyze current documentation and help construct compliant policies. 

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What is a Remote Work Policy? 

Remote Work Policies, also known as Flexibility Policies, act as a legal agreement between your organization and its workforce on the terms and conditions that protect the success and sustainability of workplace flexibility, including performance requirements, virtual code of conduct, and information security guidelines. 


How do Remote Policies impact the success of a remote work model?

Remote Work Policies act as a playbook for your entire hybrid and remote operation, from the number of days per week team members are required to work on-site and expectations for working hours and response time, to where you’ll allow people to work and live from, and requirements for safe home offices. It’s illegal to not have a Remote Work Policy in place (read more). So if you don’t have one yet, be sure to prioritize developing one. 


How Distribute can help: 

We’ll help you audit your current policies, advise best practices to minimize risk, and support updated policy creation, helping your company and workforce leverage the benefits of flexible work. 


Remote Policy Resources: 

Article: Is Remote Work Illegal? 

White Paper: Accommodating Disabilities in Hybrid and Remote Workforces

Case Study: Skillshare

Let’s work together to make hybrid & remote work, work for your organization. 

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