Distribute has delivered work all over the globe. From small start-ups to large governments and companies, we’re empowering organizations to distribute the benefits of hybrid and remote work.

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Vistaprint & Cimpress

Remote-first beyond the pandemic.

Prompted by the coronavirus pandemic, Vistaprint decided in August 2020 to permanently shift to a remote-first workplace model, but needed an asynchronous resource to guide their staff through the transition.

Vistraprint quote for the work we did for them

“The Distribute team are fantastic and generous expert consultants with the resources around them to get a project moving quickly.”

- Vistaprint

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Walter P Moore

Leveraging virtual collaboration.

Walter P Moore’s executive leadership team goes through a facilitated leadership training workshop each quarter. Since the onset of COVID-19, their team has been working remotely and the in-person workshops had to move to a virtual platform. After disappointing attempts at an engaging and interactive facilitated learning experience, Walter P Moore was on the verge of postponing the leadership sessions until an in-person experience was available again.

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Sustainable remote practices in tech.

As a company that operated in co-located spaces with remote-friendly principles prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Skillshare decided to leverage remote work as a business strategy long-term and become 100% remote. With a culture and operation that was primed for remote work, Skillshare sought support for best practice, resource creation, and validation that their practices were sustainable for long-term success of the business and employees.

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Business transformation with remote.

After shifting to a nearly 100% remote model in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Sincro was experiencing the results of a fractured approach to toolkit design, guidelines, and adoption. 

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Rural Online Initiative

Economic development.

Utah State House Bill 327 was designed to solve the exportation crisis of young adults moving away from rural counties in search of sustainable employment.