Virtual HEALTH Assessment

Your organization is working remotely, but are you working remotely well? We’ll show you your risks and blindspots so you can be successful long-term. 

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What is Virtual Health Assessment? 

Virtual Health Assessment identifies if your hybrid or remote work model complies with best practices. During assessment, we dive into our 6 Pillars for Remote Success: Workforce, Management, Infrastructure, Culture, Workplace, and Compliance. 


How does Virtual Health impact the success of a remote work model? 

In the era of smartphones, virtual workspaces, and free wifi, we’re all working remotely. But are we doing it well? Global research says no — most companies that allow companies to work outside of the office haven’t updated their policies, operations, or leadership training for the future of work. Consequently, they aren’t capitalizing on the full benefits that virtual jobs have to offer.  


How Distribute can help: 

We’ll analyze where you are on your remote journey, and help set a roadmap for improvement and iteration. After a Virtual Health Assessment, your organization will be left with a clear understanding of risks to solve for and strengths to leverage in your remote work model.

Virtual Assessment Resources: 

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Let’s work together to make hybrid & remote work, work for your organization. 

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